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Tutankhamun show opens in London


An exhibition of 3,000-year-old artifacts excavated from the tomb of Egyptian boy King Tutankhamun has opened in London.

More than 130 items are on display at the Tutankhamun and The Golden Age of The Pharaohs show.Organisers said 325,000 tickets have already been snapped up for what is the first such display of the treasures to be held in the UK for 35 years.

The exhibition at the O2 in Greenwich runs until 30 August 2008.

Among the treasures are the royal crown that was found on the mummified head of Tutankhamun and one of the gold and precious stone caskets that contained his embalmed internal organs.

Record visitors:
The last time such an exhibition was displayed in London, in 1972, it attracted more than 1.7 million visitors, and set a new record for traveling shows.

An event in aid of the Prince’s Trust helped launch the exhibition at the O2 on Wednesday night.

On Tuesday, the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall made a tour of the artifacts, which the prince described as “fascinating”.

One gallery in the exhibition is dedicated to the life of British archaeologist Howard Carter, who unearthed the treasures in 1922.

Earlier this month, Tutankhamun’s mummy was put on public display for the first time inside his tomb complex in Luxor’s Valley of the Kings.

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Tutankhamun show unveiled in London

Egyptian Jewelry Gold History

History of Gold
As far back as 4000 B.C. the ancient Egyptians fashioned beautiful artifacts from GOLD. Universally considered to be the symbol of everything precious and of lasting value, GOLD has taken many forms over the centuries: from nuggets, coins, ingots and idols. Considered valuable not only because of it’s rarity but also because of nature’s reluctance to give it up GOLD is the first element mentioned in the Bible (Genesis 2: 10-12), and GOLD has fascinated and seduced man since the very beginning….. Since the beginning of civilization man has placed great value on GOLD.
Gold is the most beautiful of all metals and probably the earliest metal discovered by man. It is the only truly yellow metal found free and almost pure in nature. It is non-magnetic and one of more than one hundred elements that make up the planet Earth. Gold is the most important of the precious metals and is, and always has been, of the greatest economic importance. Many nations base the value of their currency on the amount of gold in their reserves. Gold is the only universally accepted medium of exchange.
Pure gold is soft, almost too soft to be used in jewellery without being alloyed with another metal. It is the most ductile and malleable of all metals and can be beaten into a sheet or leaf so thin that one ounce will cover an area of 14.86 square meters. Gold is almost completely insoluble in nature and in ordinary acids, only a mixture of hydrochloric and nitric acids and some cyanide solutions will dissolve it.

Gold is Unique

GOLD is the most malleable and ductile of all metals. It is said that a single ounce of GOLD can be drawn to form a wire more than 60 kilometres long without breaking. With a specific gravity 19 times that of water, virtually immune to the effects of oxygen it will not corrode or rust and is an excellent conductor of electricity. GOLD cannot be broken down into any more elementary substances, nor can any other substance be made from it. Its colour and lustre have lured men and women with an irrational attraction since it was first discovered. Many have succumbed to “GOLD FEVER”. It has been said by many an astute observer, that once a person has been afflicted with GOLD FEVER one is then afflicted for the rest of their lifetime, an illusive love affair that never truly fades.
The various forms of gold

From fine particles, almost invisible to the naked eye, through to nuggets many kilograms in weight. The largest GOLD nugget ever found in the world was found on the 5th of February 1869 at Moliagul, 14 kms northwest of Dunoll, in the heart of the Victorian Goldfields, Australia. It weighed a massive 2280 troy ounces. That’s more than 70 kilograms. The Hand of Faith Nugget found at Kingower approx. 30 kms north of Dunolly in October 1980 is the largest GOLD nugget known to remain in existence today. It is also the largest GOLD nugget ever found with a metal detector weighing 875 troy ounces, more than 27 kilograms. Sold in 1982 for a reputed sum of around AUD$1 million (US$1.31 million) it is now on display in the Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas. Rarely ever, is GOLD found in its crystalline form.
Gold Nuggetsare worth far more than crushed or smelted gold as each nugget is truly unique. Created by nature, no two nuggets are ever the same; each has its own special beauty.
Goldhas been used to make fine Jewellery for centuries. Gold has various other metals added to it over the years to give it hardness or to change the colour slightly E.g. Rose Gold, White Gold.
The method used in current times to show the purity and hardness of a piece of GOLD jewellery is to quote how many Carats (or Karats) the GOLD is.

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24 Carat = 100.0% pure
18 Carat = 75.00% pure
14 Carat = 58.33% pure
12 Carat = 50.00% pure
10 Carat = 41.67% pure
9 Carat = 37.50% pure

Gold used in Jewellery
GOLD PLATING—Deposits with a minimum thickness of 7 millionth of and inch.
GOLD WASH—–Gold deposits with a thickness of 2 – 5 millionth of an inch.
GOLD INLAYS—-Solid pieces of gold or gold alloy attached by dovetailing ‘usually using 14 – 24 Karat)
GOLD LEAF——-Gold leaf is very thin, 3-4 millionth of an inch and is made by flattening under pressure. Can be so thin to be almost transparent and allow light through.
GOLD FILLING—–Refers to a base metal such as Nickel that has gold sheet attached by soldering or some other means. Gold filled was once commonly used in watch cases.

HEAVY GOLD PLATE—-A film of fine gold plated to other metals to a thickness of at least 100 millionth of an inch.
ROLLED GOLD——A layer of plating, of 10 karat or better, mechanically bonded to a base metal. Gold content may be less than 1/20th of the total weight.
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The Ankh : Egyptian Gold and Egyptian Silver Ankh

Egyptian Ankh, Egyptian Jewelry Gifts

Egyptian Ankh

You can find in many forms, cast in silver, gold, set with semi-precious stones, or even made in iron, pottery and wood. It is the Egyptian ‘key of life’. This symbol’s very name is intriguing and cries out for deeper investigation as to
what it all means, it dates back to Pharonic times, and is steeped in history, tradition, beliefs and meaning.

Creative power, knowledge, abundance, health, happiness, prosperity, long life and immortality, are just a few of the powers associated with the key of life; what a gift for someone special, but why does this symbol mean so much?

The symbol of the key was first seen when the first Pharonic tombs where unearthed. Many wall decorations depict the past kings holding the key of life at their coronation ceremonies. It was believed that the key would give the
bearer creative power, increased knowledge, power and abundance.

what more could a future king wish for? Further discovery showed the pharos where often buried with the ‘Ankh’ one of the many other names for the Key of Life.

This explained the belief that it was the key, which unlocked the mysteries of heaven and earth and was the giver of renewal and re-generation.

When the hieroglyphics where first decoded it was revealed that the symbol of an ‘O’ on top of a ‘T’ was significant. Combining two symbols created the Ankh, the ‘T’ represented life and the circle eternity, together making ‘immortality’. It also represented male and female and the two most worshipped Gods and Goddess Osiris and Isis.

Osiris the God of the underworld, and Isis his wife the Goddess of the brightest star in the sky and the protector and giver of life, hence the union of heaven and earth.

There are many variations on the interpretations of the symbols of the key. Some identify the ‘O’ as a fish’s mouth giving birth to water. Water especially in Egypt is the giver of life, which brings re-generation and renewal. Before the
Lake Nasser Dam was Built the Nile would periodically flood, fertilizing land and providing a plentiful crop.

This interpretation is linked with Isis, as she was identified with the Nile floods, which bought dry dead land back to life. The symbol was found carved on the canal walls of the Nile, in the belief that its presence would control the
flow of water and the delicate balance between flood and drought. Due to this interpretation it is also known as the ‘Key of the Nile’, symbolizing the ability for life to continue and evolve.


The key of life is a universal symbol. It is known in Latin as ‘crux ansata’, became the chosen symbol of early Coptic Christians in Egypt, and also in the spiritual form represents the symbol of Venus. It represents a magical knot, the strap of a sandal (although I can’t quite fathom that one out), and the sun rising over the horizon.

All of these interpretations lead to the same conclusion it is the significant sign of life, the key of life offering re-generation, renewal, feminine and masculine energy, and gives it’s bearer continued protection.

On top of all that symbolism and meaning on the practical side, it’s pretty, portable, comes in a variety of designs and matters, and is a nice reminder of Egypt, and I think everybody at sometime in their life needs a Key.

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Gold Jewelry: the ultimate adornment for style, beauty and class

Gold jewelry can never go out of style. It can look good on almost everyone. It is the ultimate amalgamation of classic beauty, wealth and style.

The value of gold jewelry depends not only upon the style or the designer who has designed it, but most importantly it is dependent upon the quality of gold used to make the gold jewelry. The quality of gold in the gold jewelry is determined by its percentage or by the karat. The higher the karat number, the higher the percentage of gold in your gold jewelry. The various karat numbers are 24K, 18K, 14K, 12K and 10K – 24K is pure gold.

Gold jewelry is also available in various forms. In some cases it is plated with gold, in some it is filled with gold and in some others the gold jewelry is made of pure gold. Gold by itself is very soft and isn’t practical for daily wear which is why it has to be mixed with other additional metals to give it tensile strength such that it can be molded into various designs. Other metals are mixed with it to make it more durable (and to lower its cost).

Adding other metals to the mix also allows metallurgists to change the color of gold. Palladium or nickel can be added to create white gold. Adding copper produces a rose or pink tint, while silver gives gold a greenish cast. If you want jewelry which can be worn regularly then it is wise to get it made out of solid gold (Solid gold is a term that can be used to describe an item that’s at least 10K (in the US) gold all the way through. Even though it’s a gold alloy–18K, 14K, or anything down to 10K–it can be called solid gold.).

Gold has in a way always stood as a symbol for wealth, prestige and power. Through times immemorial gold jewelry has been the ultimate ornamentation for kings, queens and noblemen. At one point of time, gold jewelry was also seen as a status symbol and was not meant for the common man. It still is looked upon as a status symbol since not every one can afford gold jewelry. However because of the numerous forms in which gold jewelry is available to day (such as plated gold, gold filled, gold coated jewelry or gold jewelry of a lower karat), it can now be easily bought by anyone.

Gold jewelry does not entail very big or intricate designs, it can even be quite small simple and delicate. How so ever a piece of jewelry maybe, it immediately stands out. There is a timeless classic appeal surrounding it which can never go out of fashion. Gold jewelry is not only something which you can buy for yourself or as a gift to someone you love; you can also buy gold jewelry to keep as an asset. The value of gold jewelry does not depreciate, it only appreciates with time. It can prove to be a very valuable investment.

Gold jewelry is the timeless classic statement of personal style, beauty and sophisticated elegance.

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The Jewelry Box

The Jewelry Box: a perfect companion to all your precious valuables

A jewelry box is the perfect companion to all your beautiful jewelry pieces. You can use it not only for keeping your ornaments but also for storing those precious trinkets and items which you care for very deeply.

There are some things which cannot be evaluated in terms of money, these are small fragile things which in some way have touched your life and are of immense significance. A jewelry box is a safe haven for all those little things. A place where you can keep those small treasures which cannot be bought with money.

A good jewelry box is most often a beautiful handcrafted piece. It is available in various finishes and textures. Starting from warm mahogany wood, rose wood, to matt silver, there is a jewelry box in almost every conceivable material and color. Some of these materials used for the creation of your jewelry box include wood, glass, metal, and porcelain. The one that most are accustomed to is the wooden flip top lids with the musical song that lightly plays in the background. However, there have been changes and improvements in the making of a jewelry box, and there are now very beautifully made wooden jewelry boxes made from dark cherry wood, and there is now also style of jewelry box that is being made from carved and polished marble.

You can choose from a very wide range and pick one which suits your taste and pocket at the same time. The jewelry box has a soft lining of velvet inside, such that the precious things you store in it are not damaged in any way. Some are antique pieces, which have been crafted by master craftsmen and are collector’s items. Others are made by established firms who specialize only in making these. Still others can be found at local stores made by individual craftsmen or by bulk manufacturers.

If you are to purchase a jewelry box for yourself, or as a gift for some body else, it is important to know what kind you want and what kind is out there on the market, and which one suits you the best to fulfill your needs.

A jewelry box is a wonderful possession to have and to hold your valuable items. It is a wonderful way to hold your jewelry and each box has the potential to be your own, personal piece in which not only can you store valuable items but also the memories associated with it. It is not just a place to house your treasured valuables; it is also a beautiful piece which can be passed on from one generation to another as a precious heirloom.

A jewelry box is available in various price ranges starting from those that are commonly available in stores to unique pieces which can be bought only in renowned auction houses. Whatever your choice, the jewelry box is a beautiful object to have and to give as a gift.

It is one of those unique pieces which bring to mind an old world charm. There is an intriguing sense of timelessness and a very rich heritage associated with a jewelry box. In a way it is the caretaker of our individual legacy. A place cherished and suffused with the warm glow of memories.

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